About us

About us

Calesita Toys

Based in Pomerode - SC since 1999, Calesita was set up through the hands of Argentinian businessmen, which have come to Brasil with 20 years of experience in toys sector.

The name Calesita means “Merry-go-round” in Spanish and it represents children happiness and survives through the generations, as a synonym of joy and sweetness.

Calesita believes children must grow up playing and each stage is important. All Calesita Toys are carefully developed, because toys stimulate children to develop their motor coordination, attention, creativity, memory, besides to favour cognitive and emotional development.

Calesita toys can be found in the main toy stores in Brasil and Latin America.

Quality Management System

Calesita prize for the quality of its products and your kids safety. We own a Quality Management System certified by Model 5 from INMETRO, which assures to Calesita the possibility of certifying its products, identify opportunities of satisfying its clients and seek for continuous improvement.

Based on this premisses, we present our Quality Politics:

“Calesita is the carousel that makes children glad with safety.”

To develop, produce and commercialize safe and quality toys, assuring satisfaction to children and parents, seeking for continuous improvement of its institutional processes.

About us