Ref 970 - Cross Calesita Vermelho - Completo

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To stroll, pedal and enjoy great adventures! With the protector frame, feet holder and handlebar, Cross Calesita is a safe and funny stroller to ride. When the strolling accessories are removed, the flywheel turns and children can pedal developing their movement coordination. Besides the protector frame and the feet holder, Cross Calesita has wheels with rubber to avoid slippage, horn and the seat lifts to keep the toys! The big and comfortable Stroller is the ideal fellow for children adventures! Age bracket indication: Strolling model 1 a+; Pedal model 2a+

Contents: 1 Cross Calesita; 1 stalk; 1 handle; 1 protector frame.

  • +12 months
  • Gross motor coordination - arms and legs

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